Saturday, February 9, 2008

An idea

Ok, I promise I'll post a recipe soon. I'm just so excited about picking your all's brains about meals that I can't stop thinking of questions for you all! I was wondering what you all thought about posting your meals for the week on the blog. I was making my grocery list/meals for the week today and usually what happens is I get to about Wed or Thurs and blank on ideas...already did chicken, already did pasta, already did pork, ok, what else is there?? Anyway, some of us may not plan ahead for the week, but in that case, I guess you could post after the week is over. Is this going to be too much info for everyone to read? I thought maybe we could post it on the right under the website list I added. You can go to "customize" and choose list and we could each list our weekly meals and then change them each week? Bad thing about that is after that week, the list is gone. I just didn't know if this would be too much work. Of course, I can already tell you I won't be completely consistent about it every single week, but I figure anything can help! What do you all think? Would it be worth it??


Joc said...

Yes Lisa, I think it would be awesome to post what we've cooked/what we will cook for everyone else to get ideas from. I keep a dinner journal where I write down what and where we eat each night, and I've found it so helpful. I can imagine it would be even better to get everyone else's ideas!

Oh- and everyone, when you post, it would be great if we could 'label' it with breakfast, soup, casserole, dinner ideas, etc. I think you can even put more than one label on a post. But then we can have a menu on the side with all the categories so it will be easy to find one down the road. What do you think?

Ryan said...

Joc--great idea about labeling. That way when I'm in a hurry some day, and I don't have time to search through all the recipe's we've posted, I can look through just the dinner ones or dessert ones. Would it be helpful if we also had our names as one of the categories? So like if I remembered that it was one of Joc's recipes, I could search by person too? Just a thought.

And Lisa--I think this is a great idea too. I'd love to see what/how everyone plans for a whole week. Unfortunatly I won't have much to contribute at this point b/c I'm lucky if I get to cook two meals in a week the way our schedules work. But things should be a little better this summer.
For those of you who do plan your meals in advance, do you ever get to a day and then you're not in the mood for what you have planned?

Tabitha said...

Wow! This is going to be awesome... and I can tell you right now that Josh is going to love that a blog holds me accountable for meal planning! :) Thanks for all the ideas ... I love this!

shanna said...

Sometimes, I do change my mind and cook something that was slotted for another day. I just switch days then and cook what was slotted for that day for another day. Like, Saturday, Dan and I went out to eat but I had planned on making chicken cacciatore and cracked pepper muffins. I will make that tonight instead and move tonight's meal to another night.