Tuesday, February 12, 2008

easy, easy taco soup

Joc, you requested this one....and I'm happy to help! I guess this will be my first recipe post. Which is funny since I have pictures of two other things at home waiting to be added. Just haven't had a second while I'm home to download the pics.
As for this recipe, I got it from this older lady in a church in Mississippi when Ken and I went down w/ a group of Covenant students to help w/ Katrina recovery and rebuilding. There were a group of older women who were fixing all our meals, and everything they made was wonderful! One of the appeals of this recipe is that it makes a huge amount (and I'm sure you can guess why I'd like that)! There's usually enough for both Ken and me for dinner and then leftovers for each of us for lunch/dinner the next day.

1 lb. ground beef
1 med onion chopped fine
1 can pinto beans (don't make the mistake of getting the kind w/ pork--gross!)
1 can light red kidney beans
1 can whole kernel yellow corn
1 can white hominy
2 cans Rotel (I use mild)
1 pkg Ranch dressing seasoning
1 pkg taco seasoning (I use low sodium)
1/2 to 3/4 cup water
Shredded cheese--Mex blend, mont. jack, cheddar, or whatever you like

Brown beef in large pot and add onion when beef is almost done. (Karen--I've left the onoin out many times b/c I forget that part when I make it from memory, and it's still great!) Add all 6 cans and 2 pkgs of seasoning and water and stir all ingredients together. Let simmer for 15-20 minutes stirring occasionally. Serve w/ Fritos and cheese on top. So easy and so good!

Little side note--you may want to try to find low sodium cans of the corn and beans to add if possible.


Joc said...

You da best. I've made this twice- the first time I added the 2 cans of mild Rotel, and it was a little too spicy for me, so the second time I substituted a can of diced tomatoes for one of the Rotels. It was perfect for our taste!

Ryan said...

Oh yeah, I remember you saying that. That's a good idea b/c it can be a little spicy. Sometimes if I can't find the low sodium taco seasoning, I'll just get mild so it doesn't have as much heat to it.

livinginparadise said...

Yum, this sounds good. Is it like a chili just more soupy? We're not spicy fans so glad to know how to tone it down.

Ryan said...

Yeah, it's really hearty. It's one of those things I fix when I want a home-cooked meal but don't have much time to do anything elaborate.